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What kind of bra do girls wear in summer

The summer is here and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Are you still wearing sweaty underwear? Haven't you seen the fashionable ladies on the street wearing cool suspenders or backless outfits? You want to be like them too, tell you these good things!

If you want to wear cool suspenders or backless clothes, but don't want to expose the shoulder straps of the bra, you can wear a silicone invisible bra. The invisible push-up bra adopts an ultra-thin and detachable design; gathers the chest to make the chest fuller; strong stickiness, not easy to fall off ; Soft and does not hurt the body, etc.

The invisible bra is made of high-quality silicone and bio-glue, which is soft and comfortable and will not cause harm to the body. The unique design gathers the breasts and makes the breasts look fuller. Strong stickiness, not easy to fall off. Waterproof design, reusable, detachable design for easy storage.

The silicone nipple cover is made of high-quality silicone and bio-glue, soft and comfortable, and will not cause harm to the body. Nipple protection design to protect your nipples from damage.

This way you can be the center of attention on the street.

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Is it easy to use invisible bras? The key depends on its material. The total material of the invisible bra is divided into two categories: silicone and fabric. What are the differences between these two materials?

1. Invisible bras of silicone material, the texture is close to the skin


1. Good adhesion, so after wearing it, the chest and stealth bra are basically sealed, and there will be no air. Because of this, the silicone invisible bra can be worn to swim.

2. The effect of breast enhancement is good. The stealth bras of silicone are generally thicker. At least now, even the thinnest silicone stealth bra is thicker than the fabric, so after wearing it, it is naturally full.

3. Because the material and the skin are very close, the touch feels real.

2. Invisible bra of the fabric material


1. Light weight, almost no weight after wearing it.

2. There are many styles, and on the basis of different fabrics and different colors, there are more personalized design

3. Easy to process, you can add many other designs, such as hand support, ventilation holes design. It is also because of these designs, the performance of stealth bras of fabrics is more complete.

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