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What is invisible bra and how to choose the invisible bra

What is invisible bra

invisible bra refers to strapless bra. The invisible bra is very close to the skin color and texture. When wearing it, it will stick to the skin of the chest. Silicone invisible bra can be directly attached to the skin without straps. There is no need to worry about the straps slipping off after loosening, so it is very popular to wear open backs Dressed in women's favor. Especially when wearing tube top skirts, formal dresses, and deep V dresses, you don’t want to expose your underwear. Invisible bra becomes your best dressing partner, which not only protects key parts, but also avoids the embarrassment of going into battle in a vacuum. The point is It can gather the chest well, protect privacy, reject embarrassing colleagues, and shape the perfect chest.

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Advantages of silicone adhesive bra

1. Good fit, so after wearing, the chest and the hidden bra are basically sealed, and there will be no air left, that is, it can be integrated with your breasts. Because of this, silicone invisible bras can be worn swimming without worrying about falling off.

2. The effect of breast enhancement is good. Generally speaking, silicone invisible bras are thicker. Even the thinnest silicone invisible bras are thicker than fabric ones, so after wearing them, they will naturally be plumper.

3. Because the material is very close to the skin, the touch feeling is very real enough to be fake.

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How to choose the invisible bra that suits you


Most invisible bras now use silicone. Some particularly inferior glues can feel completely non-sticky when touched by hand. Do not buy such products. Now the low-end products are generally used less than 100 times. The better ones are bras that are used about 200-300 times. This kind of product is more sticky and does not fall off easily. The life of the glue used in high-end products is generally about 1000 times. In addition to silicone, there is now a bio-glue, which can be focused on those who sweat a lot in summer.


The fabrics of invisible bras are generally these kinds, ordinary fabrics, lace and other high-end fabrics. Ordinary fabrics are generally very thin, so the whole bra is very light and comfortable to wear. The disadvantage is that it is too thin and easily deformed. Lace, this invisible bra is usually lace printed or embroidered, and beauties who like special styles of bras can focus on it. Other fabrics, such as air conditioner fabrics, silk fabrics, milk silk fabrics, generally use these fabrics bras are not too cheap.