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How do I clean the invisible bra and the nipple cover

The steps for cleaning the invisible bra are as follows:
1. Hold the cup gently in the palm and wash it with warm water
2. Clean with special detergent or warm water directly (washing powder is absolutely not allowed), and gently clean the fingers with a circular motion (pay attention to avoid scratching the adhesive layer with nails)
3. Rinse with warm water and shake off the excess water gently (do not use a towel to dry or squeeze out the water)
4. There are two drying methods: one is to stick the inner side of the cup up and put it in the concave box to let it dry naturally; Second, buckle the front button and hang it on the hanger for natural air drying.

invisible bra

The nipple cover can be cleaned.
First of all, when washing the chest sticker, we suggest that you wash it with warm water. You can hold the silicone nipple cover with your palm, and you can wash it with neutral soap. Apply a proper amount of neutral soap, and gently wash it with a circle drawn in the palm of your hand. When washing the best nipple cover, you should avoid rubbing it with your fingernails, which will scratch the chest sticker.
Secondly, it is not recommended to wash the chest sticker with cold water or hot water. Generally, cold water is not clean, and too hot water may deform the breast sticker. Therefore, it is better to wash the breast sticker with warm water.
In addition, when you wash the breast sticker, remember not to use a brush or other sharp objects to clean the breast sticker, which will cause permanent damage to the breast sticker. When you clean the breast sticker, do not use a towel to dry the breast sticker, but wait for the breast sticker to dry slowly and then put the lid on the back to save it for our next use.
Tips: Generally, the invisible nipple cover can be worn for about 8 hours. If you sweat or feel uncomfortable when using the chest patch, you need to remove it immediately to clean your chest. And before we wear the chest patch, you don't need to apply any cosmetics such as face cream and oil, which will cause the chest patch to fall off.