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Do men need to wear breast pads to participate in marathon races

Speaking of marathon, we all know that although it is an international sports event, its professionalism is not as high as other sports. Even if many people want to participate in it, it is very possible. In recent years, with the call for national sports and fitness for all, many cities have also held marathon events, which has also led many sports enthusiasts to participate in the competition.
And because of the simplicity of the marathon, many sports enthusiasts who don't know much about the marathon think that it is enough to have a pair of suitable shoes and good physical strength to run for several hours. But in fact, you know, most professional marathon athletes dare not forget the nipple cover that many men can't use for a lifetime.
When it comes to pasties, I believe many friends are puzzled. Don't you know that in our impression, women should use this thing only for the sake of getting away? Why do male athletes start to use it in the marathon? Isn't it embarrassing for a man to use this thing?

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In fact, on the contrary, in the marathon, if you don't use the chest patch, it will be embarrassing. The reason is that the marathon is very long, reaching 42 kilometers, which means that if the athletes want to run the whole course, it will take three or four hours. During this period, your body will rub against your clothes all the time, and the jacket itself is relatively tight, so male athletes' prominent nipples are likely to be injured in long-term friction.
At that time, let's not talk about the pain of sweat on the wound. The blood stains will follow the traces of sweat on the clothes. I think that will make many male athletes feel very embarrassed. So if you are going to participate in the marathon race in the future, you must remember to prepare the breast patch. Otherwise, it may be you who will be embarrassed.

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The second reason is to avoid the exposure of private parts. Athletes will sweat for a long time when running. The clothes on the athletes will be wetted by sweat, which will expose their nipples and cause passers-by to watch. Therefore, there is no need to be ashamed to take a nipple cover for the sake of face or dignity. This is the simplest and most basic protection for their body.
When running a marathon, you should remember: wear loose old clothes, choose tight-fitting sports socks and well-fitting old sports shoes, prepare salt pills and energy gel during the race, and do not rest directly after the race to replenish nutrition and moisture. These are all good for you when running a marathon. Boys had better bring two creams, and if they are not used to it, they can bring band-aids.