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History and evolution of the invisible bra

History and development of the invisible bra

Back in Victorian times, women wore tight corsets under their dresses everyday, to give them that hourglass look that was in fashion. Fast forward to 2014 and celebrities are wearing “waist trainers” that are basically corsets, in the hopes that it will give them the coveted slim waist. Funny how in the space of 100 years, the ideal is still a small waist and the means to achieve that is still a corset! Not much has changed on that front.

But look at how far “bras” have come. The first modern bra was patented in the USA in 1914 and since then, a plethora of styles, shapes and materials have been used to make a variety of different bras, with the underwired bra and strapless bras being the most popular. The latest addition to the line up of bras is the strapless backless bra.

Initially, the strapless push up bra was designed for backless or strapless dresses and any other occasion where bra straps are unwanted. Increasingly however, women are using invisible strapless bra as a daily bra because of the freedom it gives them—a sense of freedom with no straps on shoulders and back and the freedom and confidence to wear whatever you want, everyday, from morning to night.

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The comfort of an invisible bra is apparent to anyone who’s tried it. Sure the first time you wear it, the sticky cups might throw you off a bit but the novelty of it wears off pretty quickly as you can’t actually feel the sticky bit once it’s on. The only time you feel it apart from when you stick it on, is when you peel it off. Compared to a traditional invisible backless bra that is often so tight around your ribcage you can’t breathe, a strapless adhesive push up bra really makes looking red-carpet-ready effortless.

And the advantage adhesive invisible bra has over even the best strapless bra silicone push up is that you’ll always have a smooth back with no back fat in sight. If you wondered whether you need to wear a traditional bra to prevent your breasts from sagging, check this out: Your breasts are not muscles but are fat! SO no amount of support would “Train” your breasts. Your breasts will sag eventually, whether you wear a bra religiously or not. In fact, a 15 year study conducted by a French scientist found that wearing a bra could contribute to sagging, note that it is wearing a bra that’s the cause, not going without!

It’s time to make the jump to a more comfortable bra, try the invisible sticky bra and you’ll never look back again.

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