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Where's the difference between an invisible bra and an everyday bra

The difference between invisible bra and ordinary bra
① With or without steel ring
The traditional bra often uses steel ring to achieve the effect of fixing the chest shape, but after wearing it, you can feel that the steel ring is very binding. Traceless bra is different. Without the restriction of steel ring, it will not exert pressure on the chest, which is more conducive to the healthy development of the chest.
In addition to using high-quality fabrics and innovative seamless fitting technology to make the wearer more comfortable and free after wearing bra, the seamless bra has also made efforts in style design. The wavy bottom circumference is beautiful and fashionable, and greatly improves the support of the bra, so that the chest can be better protected. Stylish and personalized appearance, easy to match.

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② Thickness
Traditional underwear often increases the thickness to achieve the effect of visual breast enhancement. The too thick version makes the permeability of underwear very poor, and there may be empty cups, which are not beautiful and comfortable. The backless bra adopts breathable and comfortable lightweight fabric and seamless fitting method. Wearing tight-fitting clothes will not reveal the traces of underwear, and the comfort and beauty have been improved.

③ Fabric comfort
When wearing bra, you must consider the fabric. Not only should it be soft and comfortable, but also it should be high enough to care for delicate skin. Traditional underwear generally uses polyester and cotton as the raw material, which not only has poor permeability and elasticity, but also has pilling and drawing after a long time. The seamless underwear generally uses high-quality smooth fabric as raw material, which has excellent elasticity and thermal insulation performance and is more close to the body.

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