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There are some caveats to wearing a breast patch

Now, the weather in summer is hot, and many women tend to wear clothes that are off-the-shoulder when they wear clothes, while the traditional bra will leak out because of two straps, which looks awkward. If you don't wear it, your chest will sag easily and your nipples will protrude, which is undoubtedly very embarrassing for women.

The nipple cover is two pieces of objects attached to the chest, which can help women cover two points and also play the role of invisible bra, which will be more beautiful and won't make women feel embarrassed because they don't wear underwear. So many women who love beauty will choose to use the nipple cover in summer.

What should women pay attention to when they use breast pasties?

Although it is more beautiful for women to use the breast patch, it is also important to know that the breast patch is attached to the chest and is affected by air permeability and other reasons. If you do not pay attention to some items, it will also cause the skin of the chest to become red, swollen, itchy, or even allergic. So the following three items should be paid attention to, so as to protect the skin of the chest while looking good.

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First of all, do not touch the adhesive part with clothes, towels, etc. The adhesive part is still sticky. When you touch it with a towel and clothes, you will stick the fiber material on it to the adhesive part. Therefore, if you can't paste it, it will become not sticky enough. If you can't stick it tightly, it is easy to slip, which will lead to embarrassing situations.

Secondly, it cannot be used frequently. Many women will not like to wear bra, especially when the weather is hot, so some women will use nipple pasties instead of underwear. In fact, it is OK to wear it occasionally, but it is not recommended to wear it often. Although the nipple cover can help women reduce embarrassing situations, it is better to wear clothes. However, because it is directly applied to the skin with adhesive, these substances stick to the skin for a long time, which is easy to cause skin redness, itching and allergy. And because it is attached to the chest, because of the air pressure, it will press the chest, which may lead to collapse over time, so it is not suitable to wear it often.

In addition, people prone to allergies should not wear them. There are gelatinous substances on the pastes, which stick to the skin, and people who are prone to allergy will easily cause skin redness and itching. Even if people who are not easily allergic feel uncomfortable after using the cream, they should not wear it, or they are allergic to this colloid.

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