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2024 Breast Patch Tips

1. The nipple cover is not disposable. The ordinary glue will not stick after being used once, but the glue for the chest sticker has been specially processed and treated. It also has a certain viscosity after being washed with water, so it can be reused. The durability of the breast patch is related to the way of maintenance. After using the nipple cover, it needs to be cleaned, dried and stored in the right way to greatly increase the service life of the silicone nipple cover.
2. Nipple covers are also a kind of underwear, but compared with ordinary underwear, they do not have front buttons and shoulder straps. However, the inner layer of the nipple covers is coated with glue, which can tightly fit on the skin. The cream patch is pasted on the areola to cover the nipple. It is worn when wearing a bathing suit or taking photos to avoid exposure. When we wear some dresses or suspenders, if we wear normal bra, we will feel a little embarrassed. At this time, we can choose a more invisible nipple cover. There are also some models or actors who want to take relatively exposed photos or plays. In order to keep the lights off during work, they will use chest stickers.

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3. The nipple cover must be worn facing the mirror, so as to better position the cup of the two nipple covers, so as to avoid the skewness and asymmetry of the pasties; Use soap and water to remove the grease and dirt on the breast, and dry the skin with a soft towel. Keep dry to facilitate the fitting of the chest and the chest. When wearing the nipple cover, you must remove the internal plastic film, which is certain. I believe everyone knows that, and then follow the steps in the instructions to shape the nipple cover. As it is attached to the chest, it will compress the chest due to the air pressure, which may lead to the collapse after a long time, so it is not suitable to wear it frequently.

4.When you wash the pasties covers, remember not to use a brush or other sharp objects to clean the breast sticker, which will cause permanent damage to the breast sticker. When you clean the breast sticker, do not use a towel to dry the breast sticker, but wait for the breast sticker to dry slowly and then put the lid on the back to save it for our next use.

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