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What are nipple covers

nipple cover is a kind of sticky object that is used on the breast and nipple of the human body to cover the areola to achieve the effect of invisible bra. The function is to replace the bra, which makes people feel comfortable, safe, beautiful, and has a decorative effect from the perspective of visual effects. Fashion, trendy, convenient, keep pace with the times.

The pasties is different from ordinary underwear. It is fixed on the chest by pasting. Most of the pasties on the market are made of silicone material, so the comfort of this type of silicone pasties are actually very high. It will not affect the overall wearing comfort when in use.

In fact, in foreign countries, nipple covers are already very common. Nowadays, most women dress in sexy styles, revealing part of their breasts, and choose some low-cut clothes, but wearing low-cut clothes may cause nipples. Exposing it is a very unsightly thing, so it is necessary to use silicone pasties to prevent the nipples from being exposed, which not only shows the sexy side of women, but also prevents the embarrassing scenes of exposed nipples.

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