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What is breast patch and how to match?

What is a breast patch? What is a breast patch?
What is breast patch and how to match it with clothes? Many friends don't know what breast patch is. Below, we will give you a detailed introduction to breast patch related knowledge.
What is a nipple cover
The breast patch is refined from advanced silicone, with a color and feel similar to human skin. When used, it is directly attached to the chest position, natural and comfortable, and integrated with the chest. After washing, it can be reused and can be paired with elegant evening gowns, casual hanging bags, backless, arm less outfits, and perspective outfits. At present, the products are petal shaped, heart-shaped, and lip shaped

The combination of silicone pasties and clothing:
There are many techniques for matching breast patches with clothes. Generally speaking, using flesh colored breast patches on light colored clothes is beautiful yet elegant; There is more room for choosing dark clothes, including light yellow, pink, pink blue, and light purple, while black gauze clothes are best made with black breast patches. If your coat and dress have a large floral pattern, then a breast patch with the floral pattern printed on it is just right to come in handy. A rose lace camisole dress can be worn with a rose shaped nipple patch, even if the clothes are somewhat transparent, the blooming roses will give a sense of unity. Fragmented clothes can use sweet scented osmanthus cream pastes with elegant colors, and then sprinkle with a touch of sweet scented osmanthus perfume. Others thought you had just returned from an outing!

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sticky nipple covers maintenance:
1) Do not touch the adhesive part of this product with towels, clothes, etc., as the yarn will tangle with the adhesive part. But if something falls into the sticky or sticking part, carefully pick it up with your fingers. Try to avoid clothes that are very prone to shedding hair.
2) Do not use nails, brushes, or anything other than the palm of your hand to clean, as it may cause damage; The method is to hold the breast patch with one hand, then add a little warm water and a small amount of neutral soap to the adhesive surface, and gently wash it with the palm of the other hand in a circular motion.