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Latest news on sexy silicone invisible breast patches

Pasties is a patch like object used on the human chest nipple to cover the areola, achieving the effect of invisible underwear. Its function is to replace bras, as it makes people feel comfortable, safe, and beautiful. From a visual perspective, it has a decorative effect. Fashionable, trendy, convenient, and keeping up with the times.
There are many different shapes and specifications of breast patches, such as plum blossom, heart, pentagram, round, palm, lip, ladybug, apple, butterfly, and flower. These many shapes of breast patches are designed to make you look youthful, radiant, and beautiful. There are disposable and reusable breast patches available.

pasties covers
French women, who have always admired nature as their beauty, were the first to introduce the trend of not wearing bras, believing that only without underwear can there be a comfortable feeling. Moreover, if the lines of the underwear will affect the outer garment or the underwear can be vaguely seen, the taste will be greatly discounted. For example, seeing underwear from clothing with a transparent feeling is even more indecent. So many French women will completely abandon their underwear when going to dinners and exercising. Their practice is to wear outerwear without a bra and stick adhesive tape on the nipple, known as "nipple patches". Maintain a creamy shape while maintaining elegance.

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There are many techniques for matching Nipple covers with clothes. Generally speaking, using flesh colored waterproof pasties on light colored clothes is beautiful yet elegant; There is more room for choosing dark clothes, including light yellow, pink, pink blue, and light purple, while black gauze clothes are best made with black breast patches. If your coat and dress have a large floral pattern, then a breast patch with the floral pattern printed on it is just right to come in handy. A rose lace camisole dress can be worn with a rose shaped nipple patch, even if the clothes are somewhat transparent, the blooming roses will give a sense of unity. Fragmented clothes can use sweet scented osmanthus cream pastes with elegant colors, and then sprinkle with a touch of sweet scented osmanthus perfume. Others thought you had just returned from an outing!