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B001 Invisible Bra

silicone backless bra, lift it up adhesive silicone bra

Invisible bra has an ultra-thin and detachable design;

gathers the chest to make the chest more plump;

strong stickiness, not easy to fall off; soft and does not hurt the body, etc.

sticky bra backless, bra silicone adhesive

Push up sticky bras is made of high-quality silicone and biological glue, soft and comfortable,

and will not cause harm to the body.

Unique design that gathers your breasts and makes your breasts look fuller

clear silicone bra, strapless bra silicone push up

Products can be customized, including color, size, packaging, logo, etc.

A variety of styles, colors, sizes can choose from sufficient stock, welcome to place an order

This Invisibility Bra is suitable for various clothing scenes, such as wedding dresses, deep V dresses,

evening dresses for evening parties, etc. Comfortable to wear, invisible and not easy to be found

best sticky bra for d cup, silicone bra use

1. Nipple cover Can be reuse?

Nipple cover, we currently have multiple models, the silicone material is reusable it can be use about 120 times.

2. How to rinse /wash?

Use cold water to rinse or with soap after you use it.

3. Can I know the time of the use?

Less than 8 hours every day.

4. Who can’t be use it?

Do not use for sunburn, allergies, etc., pregnant please follow the doctor's advice.

5. How to use in different situation?

Try not to use it during strenuous exercise and a lot of sweating. If you need to use it, try to wear tight clothes. This product is not suitable for wearing in water.

6. Can be use it in Summer, when the weather is very hot outside?

Yes, it is.

High quality and exquisite packaging, accept customization, welcome to place an order

silicone bra uses, silicone lift adhesive bra

Fabric bra

B001 Invisible Bra

WEADDU is the largest silicon bra manufacturer in Dongguan,supporte OEM &ODM.The main products include invisible bra,silicone bra,nipple cover,boob tape.The mango shape is designed to gather your breasts and make your breasts fuller.


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