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The use of invisible stickybra tips

Before wearing the invisible bra, it is best to test whether your skin is allergic to the glue on the inside in advance. If there is an allergic reaction, you should replace it in time. Do not use detergent to clean the invisible bra. After washing, it should be dried in the shade, and must not be exposed to the sun, so as not to damage the adhesive layer and lose its viscosity.
Before wearing the bra, first clean the chest position, wash off the grease and other residues on the skin, and dry the skin with a soft towel. Before using the invisible bra, do not apply talcum powder, skin cream, skin oil or perfume on the position near the chest to avoid affecting the adhesive effect of the bra. When wearing, turn the cup outward, place the cup at the angle of the chest, gently press the edge of the cup onto the chest with your fingertips, and repeat the same action on the other side. Gently press the invisible bra and slightly adjust it upwards. Adjust the position of both sides to keep the chest shape symmetrical, and then buckle up the invisible bra link.

Invisible bra cleaning:
First, when cleaning the strapless bra, hold the cup with the palm of one hand, pour the bath gel for cleaning into the inside of the cup, and then gently scrub with the palm of the other hand in a circle.
After scrubbing, rinse the bubbles on the invisible bra with warm water.
After washing, gently dry the excess water, and then place it in the original tray in the upward direction of the inner side of the cup to let it dry naturally.
Finally, when the adhesive surface of the cup is dried, put the lid on the tray

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Tips for wearing an invisible bra
The first task of the newly bought invisible bra is to distinguish the left and right cups. Only by distinguishing the left and right cups can we wear the invisible bra well. Similar to wearing a bra, put the invisible silicone bra close to the chest, with the nipple as the corner point, the big one is the lower one, and the small one is the upper one, so that you can see which is the left one and which is the right one!
Clean the chest properly

Before wearing the silicone invisible bra, you should properly clean your chest. You can dry your chest with a hot towel and do proper cleaning, but do not leave water on your chest to prevent the invisible bra from falling off!
The underwear is at a 45 degree angle
The front button of the invisible bra is tilted to the navel. If the chest is too plump or too thin, it can be adjusted appropriately. However, in general, the overall underwear and chest line are 45 degrees, and the left and right cups are close to the chest, and then the front button can be tightened by bending down.
If you master these three points, you won't fall off easily when wearing a sexy invisible bra.

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