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Summer is here, how to choose an invisible bra

How to choose bra in summer

Bras made of different materials should be worn in different seasons. In summer, when it is hot and sweaty, it is better to wear bras made of pure cotton or pure cotton to reduce skin irritation. Other synthetic fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, are not as hygroscopic as pure cotton, and even cause allergic reactions.

The clothes in summer are relatively thin and transparent. The color of the invisible bra should be matched with the color of the coat. For example, when wearing a light-colored coat, it is better to choose a bra with white or flesh color and other safety colors; If the coat is tight, it is better to wear a seamless bra; When exercising, you should choose a special sports bra, but you must try it on to see if it is suitable for you to buy again. Because sports bras emphasize sports function and do not emphasize curve beauty, they should be replaced with ordinary bras in time after exercise.

In summer, the selection of bra should be based on the principle that it can support and not oppress the chest. However, many girls pursue sex appeal, highlight the cleavage, and wear bras too tight, which oppresses the breast and affects comfort and health. It is recommended that women wear bras correctly.

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Choose your own invisible bra:

If you want a stealth bra with high closeness, you should choose a stealth bra made of silicone material; If you want good breathability, choose the invisible bra made of half silicone and half cloth; Of course, if you have money, you can also choose to buy high-quality silk fabric with invisible bra made of nano-biological glue!

If the breast is plump, you can choose breast patch; If you are shy, choose a bra with invisible shoulder strap; If the chest is slightly sagging, then choose to buy an invisible bra with shoulder straps or side stickers. If you sweat a lot and are afraid of being airtight when you wear clothes, you need to buy a 3D breathable invisible bra. The 3D breathable invisible bra has air holes, so it will not appear suffocating when wearing!

Before wearing the backless bra, it is best to test whether your skin is allergic to the glue on the inside in advance. If you have an allergic reaction, you should replace it in time. Do not use detergent to clean the invisible bra. After washing, it should be dried in the shade, and must not be exposed to the sun, so as not to damage the adhesive layer and lose its viscosity.

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