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What types of bras are suitable for girls with different styles

There are many ways to wear bras, and the back buckle style is very common. It can be said that 70% of bras on the market are in this style. Although it is very common, the back buckle style is not suitable for everyone. Now let's take a look at what types of women are suitable for bra buttoning methods such as the neck hanging style, strap style, and front buckle style. 
1. Hanging neck style
The bra with a hanging neck style gives us a feeling of being very trendy and personalized, and is very suitable for some girls with not very wide shoulders. When girls with weak shoulders wear a regular buckle up bra, although the shoulder straps are usually treated with anti slip, they still slide down.
The emergence of the hanging neck style precisely solves this problem. The force directly acts on the neck, so there is no need to consider the issue of shoulder straps slipping. 

strapless bra
2. Strap type
The strapping style mainly disperses the pressure on both shoulders, liberating the pressure on both shoulders, and placing the pressure on the bra shoulder strap on the spine. Not only does it improve the comfort of wearing, but it also allows people to slip their shoulders, greatly improving the problem of shoulder sagging. Moreover, due to prolonged pressure on the spine, it can cause problems such as hunchback. Through the use of banded back pressure, it can also have a corrective effect. 
Of course, this style of bra not only exerts pressure on the spine, but also creates a lateral force, forming a pressure loop on the chest and back. Girls with larger breasts will also increase the pressure on the front and back, causing discomfort when squeezing the chest. Therefore, girls with larger breasts are not recommended to choose. 

push up bra
3. Front buckle type
This style of bra has a relatively small audience and is suitable for pregnant mothers to use. During late pregnancy and lactation, breast milk may overflow, so the cup should not only have enough space to hold some fixed breast pads, but also preferably choose a style with a breastfeeding button design, which can make it more convenient for pregnant mothers to breastfeed when wearing it. If the pregnant mother's hand cannot touch it, it is also very convenient to use one hand to unfasten the underwear. 
Because during pregnancy, the chest will expand slightly, so when choosing front button underwear, it is important to pay attention to the material selection. Pregnant women's skin is prone to sweating and allergies, so when choosing a bra, it is important to choose a material that reduces pilling and fiber loss, and to choose a softer material with better sweat absorption and breathability.

backless bra