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Why do bras and bras match clothes well

The way bras are worn is actually very versatile. In fact, summer bras also have their own unique way of wearing them, which is to first wear the bra and then add a layer of bra on top of it. So why wear it like this? 
Firstly, let's take a closer look at the functions of bras and bras! 
A bra, also known as a wrap around the chest, can relatively fix the chest without shaking, and has the effect of shaping the chest shape. Just like a piece of cloth wrapped around the chest, it is usually worn underneath a dress or shirt as a base.
There are also several categories of bra styles:
A: From the perspective of length, bras can be divided into long and short styles. Short bras are generally about the same length as bras, while long bras are about the same length as regular vests. 
B: From the top of the bra, it can be divided into bra with cups and bra without cups. 
C: Distinguished from above shoulder straps: bras can be divided into shoulder straps and strapless bras. 

invisible bra
A bra usually consists of a buckle, shoulder strap, adjustable buckle, and metal wire at the bottom of the bra. The function is to shape the chest and lift and tighten it. 
In the summer, we suggest that girls first wear a bra and then add a layer of bra as a base. Why do you wear this way? 
1. Summer clothing is generally designed from a cool and refreshing perspective, with some materials being relatively transparent, which can effectively prevent light loss. 
2. The collar of some T-shirts is easily designed to be large, and there are many loose versions that can easily run out when bowing or making some significant movements. Adding a bra can effectively prevent fading. 
3. Sleeveless dresses are also very popular among girls in summer, and when you lift your arm from the side, it's easy to expose the bra inside, which is not very elegant. At this point, adding a bra to the outside of the bra serves as a safety pants, preventing the underwear from being directly visible. 
4. Of course, you can also wear it directly on the outside, showcasing your sexy figure generously.

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