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How can I wear a tube top skirt to wear it?

Summer has come quietly, and the hot women have revealed their figures. The tube top skirt is the representative of summer, but it is very popular with girls, but how can the tube top skirt wear it? Now let's take a look.
1. Size
Whether a skirt can be worn, the key is to see whether the bottom size is suitable. The tube top skirt is different from ordinary loose skirts. It is not average. It is not a skirt that can be worn by many people. It has its own size. So if you want to wear a tube top skirt, you can make a good skirt according to your measurements, so that you will not fall, so the skirt must be suitable for your own size skirt.

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2. A suitable bra
Since it is a tube top skirt, as long as the bras are not exposed, you can wear tube top bra. You do n’t need a shoulder strap, you can fix it steadily, let it not fall. If you are worried, you can also add the shoulder strap, but you must be a transparent shoulder strap, which will not look very abrupt.
There is also an invisible bra, which is particularly suitable for this kind of tube top skirt. Not only will not show the embarrassing parts, it can increase sexuality, which is very popular with women. However, some invisible bras are harmful to the human body, so be sure to pay attention to the use time, not more than eight hours.
3. Breast
One of the important reasons that wearing a tube top skirt will be related to everyone's bust. If the bust is slightly larger, it will not fall down. If the bust is slightly smaller, it will be easy to fall. Girls with small breasts can be worn with a shoulder, not necessarily a transparent shoulder strap, and can also be a more creative ribbon hanging neck, but the color of this ribbon must be paired with the color of the skirt, so pay attention to it. Its color.

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