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Different female people have any purchase suggestions when buying bras

Different female people have any purchase suggestions when buying bras

1. Small chest girl-push up bra.
How to choose the bra to choose the bras can be said to be one of the most troublesome girls, so for many small breasts, sexy gathering bras are the necessary bras in the wardrobe. The body is more straight, but it is not advisable to blindly pursue the gathering effect. It is not advisable to choose the size that is not suitable for you.
Buying skills: The small breast girl wants to show the big breasts. You can choose a shallow cup to gather the bra. The aggregation effect is more obvious. In addition, thickened bras are also a good helper to increase the cup. It is especially suitable for wearing thick clothes in autumn and winter. You can also choose invisible silicone bra The cup effect is particularly obvious.

backless bra
2. Plum girl-adjustable bra.
The big breast girl looks very sexy, but there are a lot of inconvenience. For example, when choosing a bra, the favorite style may not have their own suitable size, because the chest is relatively large, and the choice of the chest has a lot of attention, which is very distressed.
Purchasing skills: First of all, support strong, wearing comfortable adjustable bras is the first choice for big breasts. The shoulder straps are wide enough, better tensile, and can effectively prevent drooping; second, the side is wide, the packaging is better, and the breasts can be effectively collected; in the end, the cup is best packaged to better prevent chest expansion and drooping, tolerance and stability The sex is also very good, so the adjustment of the bras must not miss the big breast girl.

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3. Exclusive to pregnant women-Pregnant women's bras.
Women's body during pregnancy will also change, especially with the growth of the pregnancy cycle, the breast cup will increase, so the bra is replaced. How do pregnant women choose the right bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Purchase skills: During pregnancy, the size of the cup will change, so always pay attention to your own size. When the size is not suitable, you must change it. Cotton fabrics are closer to the skin and are suitable for pregnant women's sensitive skin. In the early stages of pregnancy, you can choose a pregnant woman's breasts, no steel support, well -packed, comfortable to wear. Breastfeeding bras can be selected in the late pregnancy period.
4. Girls' bras-strapless bra.
Girls in development should not choose bras at will because they are embarrassing, otherwise they will cause chest or ligament damage or even dysplasia. Little girls are better to choose no steel -free brap, to avoid compressing their chests, giving them sufficient development space to help better shape the perfect figure.
Purchasing skills: Cotton fabric underwear is more comfortable and closer to the skin, which is one of the necessary factors for girl bra. The shoulder -width vest bra can disperse the shoulder pressure and the packaging is stronger. It is suitable for girls who have just started to wear bras. No steel bra will not compress the breasts, which is more conducive to girls' development. It is more comfortable to wear and is especially suitable for long -term girls.

sports bras
5. Sports girl-sports bra.
As fitness has become a new health and fashion, many women have also joined the fitness team, but for women, in addition to wearing special sportswear, sports bras are also essential. This is because the breasts have no muscles, and all support depends on the skin and ligaments. In the severe exercise, once the breast injury or sagging is irreversible, it can be seen how important choosing a suitable sports bra.
Purchase skills: First choose the right size, and then determine the strength of the bras according to your own type of sports. The larger the cup, the stronger the exercise, and the higher the requirements of the exercise bra. Keeping and freshness is worth choosing.